Available Plans and Details

Program Specifics
  • Own partial driving rights to one - or a collection of - cutting edge super-cars
  • Don’t ever worry about service, tires, repairs, tolls, or storage.
  • A subscription provides up to eight weeks of driving time per year, scheduled to meet your needs.
  • If you choose, trade weeks from your primary Curvy Road vehicle to other super cars in the Portfolio to enjoy the greatest variety of driving experiences possible
  • Delivery to your home or office available, with vehicle fully detailed, & with a complimentary full tank of fuel.
  • Choose the PRIVATE ACCESS PLAN that best matches your needs. We’ll work with you to design the best plan for you.
  • Only pay for the time you can really enjoy driving the automobile - - not for down time while you're traveling, out of town, or just too busy to enjoy it.
Keep your money working for you, instead of sitting in the garage
Private Access Plan
Membership Fee: $1,250 valid for three years
Annual Subscriptions: starting at $5,800 for GroupECS 1/10th share(location dependent)
1/10 SHARE Subscription 4 Weeks Per Year 1/5 SHARE Subscription 8 Weeks Per Year
Introductory 1/20th Share Subscriptions available to qualified individuals
Subscriptions provide multiple weeks of guaranteed drive-time in your primary vehicle, plus the option to trade weeks to other Curvy Road vehicles.
Car GroupVehicles
Grp ECSAlfa Romeo 4C Spider
1987 Lotus Esprit
Grp 12020 C8 new mid-engine Corvette 2LT, with removable top
Lotus Evora GT Supercharged 6-Speed-manual 2+2 coupe
Ferrari California Nero Daytona
Maserati Gran Turismo Sport Convertible
Grp 2Ferrari 458 Spider
Lamborghini Huracan LP 580 Spyder
2020 AMG GT C Roadster V8 BiTurbo convertible

Payment Process:

Membership Fee is due upfront; Annual Share Fee, or agreed upon deposit, reserves your share; Annual Fee balance due prior to first usage. Quarterly or monthly payment schedules available. All prices guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years.

Annual Fees Include:
Royalty Plan

On a very limited basis, qualified owners of late model, low mileage, exotic automobiles may enter their vehicles into the Private Access Plan.
Royalty Plan participants receive royalties based on member share purchases, as well as other membership benefits. Call or email us for details.

For shorter-term driving experiences, of less high-end exotics in the Chicagoland area, visit Exotic Car Share
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