About Curvy Road

Spawned as a new concept from Exotic Car Share™, the oldest and largest car share membership club in the U.S., Curvy Road® is the realization of a vision of fractional ownership which started in August of the year 2000, with Exotic Car Share®. The concept was to offer an alternative to ownership of exotic and high-end luxury automobiles, which allowed shareholders to own driving rights to a portion of a great vehicle they’d like to drive throughout the year without the high costs and hassles associated with outright purchase. The paradigm shift that fractional ownership of corporate jets and that time shares of luxury condos have achieved had yet to be attained for high-end luxury and exotic automobiles.

With an established, growing membership of 1,300+ members, Exotic Car Share™ and Curvy Road® have provided the experience and the infrastructure to rapidly deploy fractional ownership vehicles to various locations to meet the needs of Curvy Road® shareholders. Curvy Road® was ultimately a response to what many automobile enthusiasts were asking for. Time ownership of exotic and high-end luxury cars fills a large void in the automotive world, and is the one way to experience multiple great world-class cars for a fraction of the cost.

With its headquarters located in Palatine, Illinois, Curvy Road® has shared-locations in Atlanta, GA, Naples, FL. Expansion plans continue in order to respond to the demand nationwide.


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For shorter-term driving experiences, of less high-end exotics in the Chicagoland area, visit Exotic Car Share
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